Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Contest Drabble

Felt like doing something a little crazy this morning, so I entered Janet Reid's writing contest. The prompt: put 5 words (countdown, truck, fringe, argo, and rens) into a 100-word story. I felt like being really masochistic and using the canonical definitions of "Argo" and "Rens" (the ship the Argonauts sailed on and the New York Renaissance basketball team, respectively), and came up with this. Tanneth is a character in my NaNo novel, and I *think* the narrator is Shane, the same one as the novel--maybe this will find its way into the book!

Go to Janet Reid's blog for the rest of the entries...


When Mr. Carter starts his little countdown, Tanneth is doing her girl thing. The one where she flips her hair, exposing all that smoothness behind her ear. I stare while Carter drones: Odyssey, Aneid, Illiad. Eleventh grade is bullshit. In American History I stayed on the fringe, did a project on the Rens, got an A and still wrote about basketball.

Tanneth's smooth arm claims the Lysistrata, and it's the whole her writing about sex thing that makes it all hit me like a truck.

I raise my hand to claim the Argo.

After all, I've already got my siren.

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