Thursday, February 09, 2012

Blog Rec: Susan Kaye Quinn

I'm a big fan of the book industry, from top to bottom, with all its gnarly parts and all its pretty parts, and I always welcome wonderful reads on every aspect of it. And even though I'm still planning fully to pursue trade publishing for a lot of reasons (one of the biggies being my genre--while YA fantasy is huge in the self-pub sphere, YA and adult contemporary are kind of, well, not), I love, love, love to read smart discussions of current trends in self-publishing, especially self-e-publishing.

I've been following author Susan Kaye Quinn's progress for a while. She recently released a new YA dystopian title, Open Minds (#1 in the Mindjack triology), and she's a fantastic writer to follow when it comes to audience building. She's got two great posts up on self-publishing this past week: Seven Questions to Ask [Yourself] Before you Self-Publish, and How Many Book Sales Equals "Success" (The latter has inspired me to write my own post on number-crunching and trade publishing. Watch this space.) I find the takehome messages of both enlightening (I particularly think everyone needs to read "Seven Questions"), and if you're a fan of smart writing on the land of self-publishing, you should take a look.

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