Thursday, April 25, 2013

Edit Better by Switching Views

I was opening a document from an email one day, and it launched directly into this beautiful, full-screen thing, where the print was sized large enough that it was easy to read, and every other application I had was blocked out.

"This is gorgeous," I thought. "It'd be nice to write in this."

I had just discovered reading View.

Say what you want about Microsoft Word (and there's plenty to say), but it does have some pretty nifty features. And like Internet Explorer, MS software still is the default for many users. I actually happen to like Word quite a lot and use it for most of my composition, but I'm a bit nutty as techies go.

Reading view is one of those nifty features. To activate it, go to the "view" tab in Word 2007 or later, then choose "Full-screen reading."
Choosing full screen reading

When you do that, a single page will appear, with your font larger, and with everything else in Word blocked out. Easier to edit, easier to focus, and easier to simply be alone with your words. 

Full screen reading view in action!

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