Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let Your Library Work For You

Do you know what's at your local library? The books, of course you know about: it's a super place to get other books to read, maybe check out some comp titles, or read some children's nonfiction.

But did you know that many libraries also give you access to things like:
  • Electronic books and audiobooks
  • Academic journals
  • Free classes (maybe on things you're researching, or maybe just yoga to de-stress!)
In addition, often you can "hack" your library by ordering books through your library's website and reserving them for pickup. This can save a TON of time, and can make the difference between borrowing a book and feeling as though you need to buy it for convenience. My neighborhood library was recently renovated and is a gorgeous place to read and browse (they even have a whole floor just for YA!), but I still don't often have much time to spend there. No worries—I order books to pick up, stop in on my way to or from the bus, grab them, and then drop them in the book depository when I'm finished.

As writers and readers, one of the best places we can support are our libraries. So make sure you're getting the most out of yours.

This month I'm participating in the A-Z blog challenge. My theme is "writer hacks," or 26 shortcuts you can do as a writer to get the most out of writing and the journey toward and through publication. Find out more about it at, and hop around to read the other cool blogs that are part of the challenge! 


  1. Don't forget the cost savings of getting a book through interlibrary loan. Only costs a few dollars, as opposed to buying a book for $20 or more.

  2. I love our local Library, a National Medal winner. We have a shop where we sell used books and I'll be volunteering there this afternoon.

  3. I haven't taken a book out of the library in ages, but I do go there often. If I didn't have so many books left to read I'd take out a few I've had my eye on.

    A whole floor for YA? I'm totally jealous.

  4. YES! My library in my hometown was my second home. I loved that place. I definitely appreciate a tribute to libraries.

  5. Libraries are under threat in they UK, we are at the point where we have got to either 'use them - or lose them' which is really sad as they are a marvellous resource.

    1. Maria,

      I just had to say that I'm sorry to hear that. But it does seem to ring true in so many places. Ironically, as more are unemployed, they tend to need library resources more, not less. I hope it turns around!

  6. I have library cards from four local libraries and we visit different ones from time to time. It's fun to see how different libraries have set up the children's sections. I particularly like one that has a huge fish aquarium at the entrance, a place where children can perform their own puppet shows impromptu, and colorful and imaginative murals on the walls.

    I love taking my children to libraries.


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